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CDMP is an evidence-based solution for primary care that enables busy providers to work collaboratively with patients to bring truly comprehensive education and support to those living with diabetes and related conditions

Benefits of CDMP:

IMPROVED OUTCOMES - Lowering of HbA1c and Diabetes Distress

NEW REVENUES - Bill for time spent on between-visit patient support

HIGHER SATISFACTION - For patients and providers

Helping Primary Care Solve Diabetes

Why Should We Be Concerned?

85% of people diagnosed with diabetes have at least one other comorbid chronic disease

The average cost of a diabetes patient with complications is 3x that of those whose diabetes is well-controlled

Decreasing HbA1c by 1.0% reduces the risk of complications by 40%



(Chronic Disease Management Program)


Proven Results

CDMP improves clinical and behavioral outcomes

Welch G, Zagarins SE, Santiago-Kelly P, Rodriguez Z, Bursell S-E, Rosal MC, et al. An Internet-Based Diabetes Management Platform Improves Team Care and Outcomes in an Urban Latino Population. Diabetes Care. 2015;:dc141412.  (data used with permission of publisher)

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